Hotels and Hospitality for sale and rent

Here at NCH Dallimore, our Hotel Specialist Team offers Hotels and Hostels for sale and rent in some of the most sought after locations in Spain.

We offer a wide range of products including 5 star Luxury Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Hotel projects and more.

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With an increase in tourism to Spain, Hotels and Hostels are averaging an annual occupancy rate of 80% within the Costa del Sol Region, proving to be a profitable investment with average yields of 8-12% returns.  Our Specialist team can assist in your acquisition of an operating hotel or a building that can be converted into a hotel. We have working relationships with a variety of investors and hotel operators that allow us to find the perfect product for your needs.

Hotel and Hostel Operators

There are many options for Hotel or Hostel Operators and at NCH Dallimore, we can guide you through the process. Whether your business idea is to purchase, rent, or manage an existing hotel/hostel or a turn-key project, our hotel specialists can guide you through the process.

Property Owners

If you currently have a hotel that you would like to sell or to rent and continue managing as a sale and lease-back, NCH Dallimore has access to many International and National investors and buyers interested in investing in Hotels and Hostels throughout Spain. We will work to help you obtain the best purchase price and conditions, and assist you during negotiations.

Current Selection Of Hotels