The 23rd June is celebrated annually throughout Spain as the festival of San Juan. This night is the shortest of the year, and celebrates the beginning of the Summer Solstice. The festival`s roots spring from pagan traditions, and according to mythology, many strange things can happen on this night – who knows how many pagan gods and witches may appear?

This is a magical festival based on pagan rituals, and each region of Spain has their own way of celebrating it. In all regions, there are always two main elements – fire and water; fire signifies the burning away of problems and purification of the spirit, whilst water rejuvenates and recuperates.

This is the night of hundreds of bonfires on the beaches, many of which have been prepared days before, some with effigies of political or famous figures which are burned in the fire. Tradition states that if you jump over the bonfire three times, your soul will be cleansed and purified. Many people also wade into the sea at midnight in order to wash away any evil spirits, and others wash their faces and feet three times so they may be granted their three wishes to have a happy and successful year to come.

The Spaniards love nothing more than to have a great time with their friends and families, and on this night the beaches are crowded with groups of friends seated around the roaring bonfires, eating, drinking and making merry to the odours of barbecued sardines!

As is common in Spain, fireworks play a large part in this celebration and in many places these will be set off around midnight. This is surely a night of partying and many people are still on the beaches when the sun rises the next morning!

There are numerous bars and restaurants that have special events planned for this night, and in Marbella, there is a San Juan Party at Nikki Beach that starts at 9pm with dancers and incredible fire shows.

Nikki Beach : Tel +34 952 83 62 39

La Sala by the Sea in Puerto Banús is also throwing a San Juan Party with live entertainment.

Tel +34 952 81 38 82

There are so very many choices and different places where you can take the opportunity to celebrate with us “La Noche de San Juan”, all you have to do is enjoy!