Marbella: Top Destination for a Healthy, Safe Lifestyle Change

As the property market in Marbella gains momentum in the second half of 2020, we are seeing the lessons learned in the global lockdown turned into a positive new property trend for the resort.

“Live for the moment, seize the day, put health & family first, enjoy your surroundings, stress less and work remotely”.

If these are the universal “takeaways” from the Covid19 health crisis, then those looking for an improved, safer lifestyle need look no further.

With its mellow, modern Mediterranean lifestyle, Marbella is topping the list of safe destinations.

A Move to Marbella?
10 Reasons Why

1. Remote working from your holiday home

As dozens of entrepreneurs and professionals around the globe discovered during lockdown, the world did not stop turning without the usual face-to-face meetings and costly business trips abroad.
The newly empowered remote workforce are now looking to relocate to a place where, should lockdown happen again, they can work comfortably at home, avoid public transport, enjoy fresh air in their own garden, and enjoy an all-round better quality of life.
The ease of remote working in Marbella has driven the property market for more than a decade, and brought down the average age of the property buyer in the resort from the typical 65+ retirement age to a thriving 42 years of age.
Almost 25% of Marbella’s population is made up of foreign residents from 140 different nationalities making up a dynamic cosmopolitan society. This is reflected in the NCH Dallimore Marbella client base, with buyers from Europe, Scandinavia, EAU, India and Australia.
For EU citizens, obtaining residency is relatively simple, and can be extended to permanent residency after 5 years.
In 2013 the Golden Visa was introduced offering immediate residency to individuals/families investing over 500,000€ in property in Spain. This has proven particularly popular with Chinese and Russian buyers.

2 A safe, healthy environment for you & the family:

The coronavirus crisis proved to the world that health is wealth and that a healthy environment to live in is worth its weight in gold.
The lockdown in Spain was strict and effective, with very limited movement, police patrols and heavy fines for infractions.
Andalusia has been the least affected of Spain’s 15 regions, and
Marbella was the first resort in Spain to be “Safe Tourism Certified.”
The town received this certification on 28th July as a result of a study of safe environments for public spaces. It was awarded by the ICTE instituto de Calidad en el Turismo España – the Institute for Quality Tourism in Spain.
The Marbella Town Hall has confirmed that this was achieved by creating and adhering to very strict protocols for hygiene on beaches, ports, tourist offices, museums, transport and businesses, and especially hotels and restaurants.
Although there have been a few new cases of Covid19 in Marbella since lockdown, and since the borders were opened, strict measures are very much in place in Marbella to keep the town’s residents and visitors healthy, while allowing the wheels of the economy to turn.

Masks are compulsory in public places – even on the beach.
The Marbella Town Hall has distributed 100,000 free facemasks to citizens, and stepped up all cleaning procedures in the resort.
3000 people have been hired to patrol the beaches to help people, and enforce social distancing, especially among tourists who may not be aware of the rules.
– An extra quota of health professionals has been hired for the summer to guarantee that hospitals and healthcare centres can deal with new cases of the Covid19 infection and minimize the spread.

If new outbreaks of the infection occur, patients are being carefully monitored – and venues affected are closed down immediately for fumigation. Police and Guardía Civíl continue to do spot checks and show up at events and gatherings – and very strict fines from 100 to 600,000 euros may be imposed depending on the severity of the rules broken.

3 Personal Space & Fresh Air Are Top Commodities
Restricted movement and lack of fresh air in lockdown have created a high demand for outdoor personal space, such as a garden or terrace and an environment offering an abundance of fresh air for walking, sport and exercise.
Marbella epitomizes the leisurely outdoorsy Mediterranean lifestyle with no less than 27 kilometres of Mediterranean beaches.
There are also 10 kilometres of “senda litoral” the wooden boardwalk for walking along the coastline (part of a total of 18o kilometres from Nerja to Sotogrande).
Marbella’s climate allows for a year-round outdoorsy lifestyle, with café society, outdoor bars, terraces, clubs and beach clubs allowing for safe socializing.
The resort prides itself on its numerous parks, lush gardens and verdant urbanizations with palm trees and sub-tropical gardens, and offers approximately 30m2 of green space per inhabitant – double the recommended EU allowance.
And let’s not forget the vast number of golf courses in the area, some 37 in and around Marbella.

4 A Swimming Pool is an Affordable Luxury

With public pools closed and out of bounds, post lockdown a private or communal swimming pool has come to be seen as a highly prized possession.
Whereas a private swimming pool is a rare luxury in many countries, in Marbella a huge proportion of properties have a private or well-maintained communal pool. Villas with stunning infinity pools abound, as do urbanizations of modern apartments with gorgeous pools maintained by the community maintenance staff.

5 A Home Office for Remote Working is now a Priority
During lockdown, banned from the office, many professionals were forced into working at home, frequently at a kitchen table or in a makeshift office.
Now comfortable with working remotely, online, and holding meetings on video calls, a new wave of mobile professionals have seen that working from anywhere in the world is entirely plausible – a trend that has been working in Spain for more than a decade.
With properties in Marbella more affordable per square metre than many capital cities, here professionals can choose to have a spacious home, with a dedicated home office, and even work with a laptop by the pool.
Many of the top developers are factoring in home offices into their sophisticated contemporary home designs in Marbella, with the mobile businessman or professional in mind. Add to this widespread high-speed Internet connection and home automation, and efficiency is guaranteed.

6 Safe Co-working Spaces are also in Focus
Following lockdown, ever mindful of a healthy environment, mobile professionals and entrepreneurs are also interested in safe, modern co-working space to keep connected socially when working remotely.
Again, Marbella is well equipped to service this need, with several modern business co-working centres to join.
Similarly, in modern Marbella property developments, you will find dedicated co-working areas in their communal spaces to encourage networking among residents of the most contemporary urbanizations. Marbella also has a wide range of professional networking groups – even for specific nationalities – with many continuing activity online if face-to-face meetings are not possible.

7 Range of Services Door to Door
Post lockdown, many people considering relocating to Spain – or making better use of their second home – will be mindful of the services and deliveries offered door-to-door.
Online shopping is well established in Spain and during lockdown, many local shops adapted to selling goods on line. The Marbella branch of department store El Corte Inglés offered a very convenient phone in order, drive through and collect shopping service, while forced to close to seated customers, restaurants continued to offer take away and deliveries. Similarly, abundant taxis and Ubers in the town are ready to help you get around without public transport.

8 World Class Medical Facilities
Marbella has long been proud of its excellent public health service, and specifically the Hospital Costa del Sol, which has many multi-lingual doctors, staff and volunteer interpreters to help patients of all nationalities. Those residents in the social security system are covered, while many part or full-time residents have private health insurance.
Marbella also has many excellent privately run hospitals, clinics and specialist doctors for every eventuality. Chemist shops or farmacias with knowledgeable staff – are found on virtually every street corner. There are also many complementary therapies, including acupuncture and homeopathy available as well as dozens of gyms, highly qualified yoga instructors- and every sport imaginable from tennis, football, martial arts and golf, to kite-surfing, sailing and polo.

9 International Travel Arrangements
When relocating or having a second home, and working remotely abroad, proximity to a good airport featuring a wide range of destinations is a must.
Málaga International Airport is just 50kms away from Marbella, a 30- minute taxi ride. Servicing 2 million passengers a year with flights to 60 countries – including and all 5 London airports – makes taking flights for personal and business trips a breeze for Marbella property owners.
There are additional regional airports in Seville, Jerez, Granada and Almeria, while Gibraltar Airport is an hour’s drive from Marbella.
Meanwhile the AVE high-speed trains from Málaga can whizz you to Madrid in 2.5 hrs and Barcelona in under 6hrs.

10 Marbella Property is A Good investment in Lifestyle & an Asset
Post lockdown, quality of life as well as the great quality and variety of property on offer will drive many people to buy property in Marbella; With a wide choice of price brackets and areas from residential, beachfront, golf, town and countryside – as well as the climate and established international community are big attractions.
As specialists in new contemporary homes, at NCH Dallimore Marbella we have hundreds of exceptional luxury properties listed and with prices ranging from 200,000€ to several million euros, we can help you to invest your budget wisely.
Properties sold in Marbella, Málaga city, Estepona, Benahavis & Mijas accounted for 55% of ALL property sales in Málaga province in 2019, proving the high popularity of the area.

Insider News for Property Buyers in Marbella

Owing to lockdown, with property viewings down and market slow for the first 6 months of the year, some vendors keen to sell are willing to bring prices down 20-30 per cent of market value (link to Exceptional price reductions). This is particularly good news for cash buyers in a strong position to negotiate.

– Interest rates on mortgages continue to be low in Spain at 2,62% closest to the lowest rate ever at 2,57%

– Buying property in Marbella is a safe way to invest when other investments are floundering.

– The APCE (Asociación de Promotores & Constructores de España) has requested a reduction in VAT on new build properties from 10% to 4%, which would be a significant saving on the purchase of new property.

With 83 million tourists visiting Spain in 2019, short-term holiday in Marbella rentals can be very lucrative. To rent property in Spain short term, you must have a tourist rental license, and pay tax at 24%. However, with a year-round, 12 month season for holidays or remote workers, rental yields in Marbella are generally higher than average.
In the summer months, when properties rent for thousands of euros a week, excellent profits can be made. We can help connect you to plenty of good property management professionals to handle your rental/maintenance needs.

Most importantly, whether you decide to relocate, or work remotely from your holiday home for longer periods, with a property in Marbella you can enjoy your asset.