The new design movement that has been sweeping Marbella over the past few years has had a visual effect on the urban landscape as it strikes a chord with today’s buyers. In the process, villas and apartment complexes have been transformed into sleek, modern homes whose clean white lines complement the green of lush gardens and the deep blue of Andalusian skies and the Mediterranean coastline.

In many ways it is a case of ‘back to the future’, as the latest design trends are modern yet have seen Marbella move back to traditional Andalusian white. Moreover, much of the best contemporary architecture is inspired by retro elements from the early pioneering days of ‘modern avant-garde’ design in the 1950s and 1960s. For this reason some of the most creative Marbella properties of that era bear a resemblance to today’s new homes, with the big difference being the latest technologies and comforts now available.

21st century luxury
This is perhaps what defines new Marbella properties the most, as the quantum leap in home technology has the potential to truly change the way we enjoy our homes and experience comfort and luxury. Together with open-plan interiors and sleek furnishings, new home technology includes ambient climate control that aims to maintain constant temperatures and reduce the need for heating and air conditioning blasts. State-of-the-art kitchens that offer top appliances with minimal visual intrusion combine with the latest security, lighting and home entertainment systems, to also complement optimal insulation and windows that make the most of views whilst minimising bright sun glow.

Add fantastic features such as automated shutters that let a seaside panorama flood into the home, cosseting modern bathrooms with walk-in dressing rooms and your own backlit glass wine cellar, and you have the makings of luxury Marbella penthouse living taken to a new level for a new era of style and sophistication. You know what we’ve just described? The superlative Emaré penthouses on the New Golden Mile – the finest example of modern beachside penthouse living in Marbella.

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