When selling your property, it is highly important to be critical and see it in the eyes of a potential buyer. Your agent will discuss various points with you, and advise if they feel that the property needs some attention before putting it onto the market, maybe it needs a lick of paint or possibly the kitchen/bathroom needs updating. It is always the first impression of the buyer that counts! Unless the property lives up to their expectations, they will automatically think about the amount of time and money they will have to spend on improvements to meet their standards.

It is important to make your property feel welcoming to any potential buyers, replace any old and tired fixtures and fittings, fill your vases with fresh flowers, maybe brew some coffee, turn the lights on, make sure the house is either warm or cool enough, and of course ensure your home is clean and tidy.

Make sure you are able to answer any questions the potential buyer may ask and have all your property paperwork prepared and to hand.

If you have any regular house suppliers or tradesmen, and instruction manuals for any of the appliances in the house, it is a good idea to compile a list to give to your agent.

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