There are several points to discuss when choosing your agent, it’s really important they should be unbiased, able to give an honest and accurate opinion about the marketing of the property, and be realistic about the sales price. If your property is overpriced, you may find that it sits around for months or even years, it will then be much more difficult to sell, even after the price has been lowered.

Some vendors feel they stand a better chance of selling their property quickly by appointing several agents to market it. From an agent’s viewpoint however, an incredible amount of time, money and effort will be spent on marketing the property. Exclusivity will then give the agent much more motivation to sell it, and the vendor pays the same commission charges whether it be for one agent or more.

If a vendor wishes to market their own property, they will encounter many new tasks to complete that are most probably new to them, and it’s highly unlikely they will have the network of contacts including advertising that a good agent can provide.

A first-time buyer will probably visit many real estate agents having already researched properties online, they will then decide to choose the agent who they feel fits them best. This is the one that listens to their specific requirements and acts on them, spends time and effort making the client feel special!

An ideal situation would be to give your property to an agent for six months, allowing them to put a solid, imaginative marketing campaign in place. An agent generally would expect 9-12 months exposure of the property to be an ideal amount of time to sell it. If during this time it still hasn’t sold, then there’s a strong probability that the price is inflated, the market is deflated or the agent is not carrying out his promises.