Here at NCH Dallimore Marbella, we offer you a personalised service, and access to our large database of clients looking for a fine home in Marbella and the surrounding areas. We will put every effort into finding a suitable buyer and matching them to your individual property in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you.


    Selling Property in Spain: Appointing a Real Estate Agent
    Once you have decided to sell your property you will need to decide whether you need the services of a real estate agent.

    Selling Property in Spain: Pricing
    Once you have decided to sell your property you will ask yourself what price you can achieve.

    Property in Spain: Expenses
    It is customary that the seller of the property pays the real estate agent’s commission, ownership transfer expenses and taxes. The real estate agent’s commission is usually a percentage of the sales price; it may vary depending on the agent and the type of property.

    Property in Spain: Need to Know Facts for Sellers
    It is important to examine your property critically and to be objective about its weak points. Here is where your real estate agent must advise you in the cold light of facts.