Introducing Camojan Six, an enclave of six opulent luxury villas nestled within the esteemed Cascada de Camojan urbanization, set against the stunning backdrop of Sierra Blanca on Marbella's illustrious Golden Mile. Nestled within an exclusive gated complex atop the urbanization's highest point, these homes offer a serene and distinctive ambiance, enveloped by the tranquility of nature.

Cradled between majestic mountains and the azure expanse of the sea, Camojan Six finds its place within one of Marbella's premier gated communities, boasting round-the-clock security measures. This exceptional residential haven stands as a pinnacle of privacy and safety in the heart of Marbella.

Masters of their craft, architects Salvador Cejudo and Carlos Morales have sculpted the villas with a vision of elegance, heralding the dawn of a contemporary era. With meticulous care, they've breathed life into a fresh and avant-garde architectural concept, tailored to the discerning Marbella clientele. Comprising four expansive semi-detached dwellings graced with sweeping vistas of the sea and mountains, alongside two awe-inspiring detached villas, this remarkable project sets a new standard of luxury living.